Political Platform

  1. Efficiency and Transparency: As the Tax Commissioner, my priority is to provide excellent customer service by running a transparent and efficient office. I am committed to reducing wait times and simplifying processes. I will ensure clear communication with taxpayers and make data-driven decisions to improve the office’s efficiency and effectiveness. By leveraging the latest technology and data analysis, I will identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions that benefit taxpayers. Through the use of data, I will be able to identify trends, make accurate projections, and provide the best possible service to all taxpayers.
  2. Objective and Accurate Tax Collections: As Tax Commissioner, I will ensure that all tax collections are objective and accurate. I will work to ensure that there is no bias or favoritism in the collection process.
  3. Responsible Fiscal Management: I am a firm believer in responsible fiscal management of taxpayer dollars. Operating efficiently and effectively is a top priority for me, and I will take full responsibility for every dollar spent under my watch.
  4. Collaboration and Community Outreach: I believe in working collaboratively with other government agencies and community organizations to better serve the residents of Newton County. I will also prioritize community outreach and education to ensure that taxpayers understand the tax process and their rights.
  5. Professional Development: As Tax Commissioner, I will prioritize professional development for myself and my staff. I will stay up to date on the latest tax laws and regulations, and I will ensure that my staff is properly trained to provide the best possible service to taxpayers.